Is it Really Worth Playing AnchorMan Drinking Game?

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In a nut shell, Yes it’s really worth playing…. This is one of the Best Coin Drinking Games.  It is competitive and perfect for a larger group of people split into 2 teams.

So how do you play Anchor man? The aim of the game is for each team to shoot 4 quarters into a pitcher. The team that comes last is the loser and drinks all the contents of the pitcher. The star of the show is the anchor man

Here’s what you need

  • 2 Teams of 3-4 people
  • Choose an Anchor man for each team
  • Table
  • Quarters – 1 per player
  • Pitcher of Beer (4-5 Beers)
  • Timer

Set up

  • Divide into 2 teams of 3 -4 players
  • Each team to sit on opposite ends of the table
  • Choose your Anchor man
  • Fill a pitcher of jug with 4-5 beers and put in the centre of the table
  • Each player to have 1 quarter

Duties of the Anchor man

  • Last to drink and must finish remaining beer in the pitcher. No matter how much beer is there

Here’s how to play

  • Flip a coin (Heads or Tails) to see which team goes first
  • Alternate 1 player from each team to take a turn to shoot their quarter into the pitcher of beer
  • Example: First player from Team A shoots their quarter, then the first player in team B has their go
  • Only 1 shoot per player per turn.
  • The team that shoots all their quarters into the pitcher of beer is the winner

Drinking Rules –for the losing team

  • The losing team must drink the whole of the pitcher of Beer
  • Each play from the losing team takes a drink before the anchor man and they decide how much beer will be left for the anchorman to drink
  • Each team player must drink continuously without taking their lips off the pitcher.
  • When the lips come off the pitcher is passed to the next team player
  • The anchorman has 2 minutes to finish the remaining beer in the Pitcher
  • The anchor can remove his lips through the final 2 minutes of drinking
  • Careful not to drink the quarters!

Once the pitcher is finished – Play again!!!

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