Under the Infulence

One of the best Drink Board Games to Buy

Under the influence is a wild drinking game that takes the categories’ and dares to a whole new level and not for the faint hearted… So be warned and prepared. 

If this is you, then you are in for a thrill and will find it hilarious. Some of the cards are a pick over the top, so just skip them. There are plenty more. The game itself is easy to play and learn, it will take you out of your comfort level and really get you drinking!

What do you get: 200 Cards full of questions, challenges and dares, ranging just tame to completely inappropriate

It makes holding a drinking games night so easy. You open the box and play. Truly value for money and can be replayed over and over. For the best experience get a group of friends (min of 4) together who are game to let go and get wild!

How to Play Under the Influence

Best Party Card Game Ever with Over 10 Games in 1

Age 21+ | People 4+  | Don’t Drive Home!

What you Need

  • Under the influence game
  • Mixed drinks | Beer | Shots
  • Group of Friends
  • Open Mind

Set up

  • Set up your board
  • Prepare your drinks
  • Cards can be placed in 4 separate decks or mixed up
  • Option: Depending on the group of friends, you can sort the cards and remove the inappropriate ones!

How to Play

  • Play is in a clockwise direction with the first player picking up a card from the deck
  • Carry out the challenge or dare

Example of the Categories

Brain Benders

Truth or lie

Depending on your bluffing skills; You have the option to answer the question with a lie or tell the truth. Other Players must guess whether you are telling the truth or lying! If the players get it wrong they drink, if you cannot fool the others you drink

Would You Rather

Player reads out the Card : “Would You Rather” and then the sentence Other Players must guess which scenario the current player would  pick. Whoever is wrong drinks

Who’s Who

This is tricky as it lets people know what you really think about them. Select a card, then choose the player you feel best answers the question. That player must then drink.

Under The Influence

Draw a card but be prepared for an assortment of shocks, challenges and some surprises.

Rule of the Card: Applies only to the player who drew the card. Lasts until you draw again. Anytime you are not following the rule you must drink. Other Cards: Just follow the instructions

Shots No Chaser

Just follow the instructions on the card. If you refuse the challenge (which is possible) you can use your ‘Tapout’ card (only if you have one) or take a shot with no chaser, which will to get out of the dare (action).

Option: This game can be play without alcohol and you still will have heaps of fun

As always please drink responsibly

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Under the influence

Under the Influence  is a wild drinking game that takes the categories’ and dares to a whole new level and not for the faint hearted… If this is you, then you are in for a thrill and will find it hilarious Learn how to play

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