So What the Heck is a Body Shot and How do we Play?

Body Shots

What is a body shot? A body shot is a shot of alcohol, drank off different parts the body (or called a belly shot) using just the mouth, or in a shot glass balanced on the body or the shot held in the hand. Before you drink the shot, you lick salt from a chosen body part, drink the shot and then using only your mouth, take a slice of lime out of you partners mouth. The most common alcohol used is Tequila.


You Need

  • Pair of Dice
  • Pen and Paper
  • Alcohol – Tequila, Lime, Salt
  • Shot glasses
  • A Couple ready to let their hair down


Set Up

  • Write on a piece of paper, six body parts and number them 1 – 6
  • Optional – Next to the body part write down how the shot will be taken – lick, suck sip etc… –



  • Choose who will go first.
  • Roll the dice
  • The dice will land on a number. Match it with the body part on your sheet of paper.
  • Take the Body shot


Here is How You Drink a Body Shots

Fill your shot glass with Tequila, lick a part of the body to moisten, sprinkle with salt, drink the shot, lick the salt, suck on the slice of lime in your partner’s mouth and enjoy! – That’s the quick and original version of how to drink a body shot. But there are no set rules and lots of variations


 We call it:  Lick, Sip, Suck

Step by step Summary how to drink body shots

  • Get your Partner to lie flat on the floor or a table
  • Prepare the shot and hold in your right or left hand
  • Put a slice of lime in your partner’s mouth with skin facing inwards
  • Lick a body part
  • Sprinkle with salt
  • Lick the salt
  • Drink the shot
  • Suck on the lime in your partners mouth

What is the ingredients for a Body Shot Options

  • Tequila – most common
  • Salt
  • Lime

Alternative ingredients to Tequila

If Tequila is not your favourite shot here is an alternative

  • Vodka
  • Lemon
  • sugar

What is a belly shot?

A Belly Shot is a variation of the Body Shot, where by you pour alcohol of your choice (usually Tequila) into your partner’s belly button and slurp it out.


Belly Button Shot

  • Get your partner to lie flat on the floor or a table
  • Pour a shot of Tequila or vodka into your partner’s belly button
  • Put a slice of lime in your partner’s mouth with skin facing inwards
  • Lick a body part
  • Sprinkle with salt
  • Lick the salt
  • Drink the shot from the belly in any way that you can
  • Suck on the lime in your partners mouth

Balance the shot glass on the body

Another variation is to balance the shot glass full of tequila on the body, with the aim of drinking the shot using your mouth only and no hands. Follow the same sequence as above with the salt and lime.

Tip:  Remember, this is all about fun and there are no set rules when it comes to body shots and the body parts. Use these variations and make up your own as you go.

Why do you Drink Tequila with Salt and Lime?

The reason why salt and lime was introduced to be used alongside taking a shot of tequila was to help remove the burning taste of a cheap tequila.

The purpose of licking the salt from a moist part of the body is to create saliva in the mouth., you then take the shot of tequila followed by lime to reduce the raw taste.

So, which are the best Tequila to use for shots

 A bit of Tequila Trivia to start

 On doing my research I discovered how very popular Tequila is in the US. I was also surprised to discover that Tequila dates back to 1000 years BC. 

As we know Tequila is the life blood of Mexico but what I didn’t know was that Tequila must be produced in a location that is certified by a Consejo Regulador del Tequila. Most of the distilleries in Mexico that meet this requirement are in the state Jalisco.

Choosing the right tequila is important. Pick the wrong one and expect your mouth and stomach to be on fire!  Tequila is known its ability to give the worst hangovers. This is where your choice in buying the right Tequila is important.

 You are looking to buy a smooth, reasonably priced Tequila with “100% Blue Weber Agave” written on the bottle. If this is not written on the bottle Do Not Buy.


Here are a Few of the Best Budget and Value for Money Tequilas Available for under $25

Sauza Silver

  • 100% Blue Agave
  • High Quality – Low Price,
  • Bright Silver and Crystal notes
  • Review: Tequila is an acquired taste, and Sauza Signature Blue is a taste worth acquiring…a taste to be savoured.

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Cost: From $11.00

Milagro Silver

  • 100% Blue Agave
  • The color is bright and clear
  • With a crisp fresh taste, spicy black peeper finish and citrus notesIt won:
  • Gold – 2014 San Fancisco World Spirits Competition
  • Silver – 2014 The Spirits Mexico Competition

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Cost from:  $25.00

Olmeca Altos Reposado Tequila

  • 100% Blue Agave
  • High premium and quality

  • The aroma is sweet, fruity and fresh

  • Taste is sweet with a citric body and Agave, vanilla and woody flavors

  • Aged in ex bourbon barrels for 6 – 8 months.

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Cost From:  $15.00

Lunazul Reposado Tequila

  • 100% Blue Agave
  • Delicate and fruity

  • Bright, golden color with subtle oak and vanilla notes.
  • Lush caramel with layers of semi-sweet vanilla
  • Long and creamy finish with lingering smoky and spicy notes

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Cost From:  $20.00

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