Can’t Take a Hint Guy Part 3

CTAHG finds himself at a very quaint Christmas party at a bar with his business associates when a mature business partner walks up to him.

CTAHG– No, I’m not Christian so…
Partner– Oh, well in that case happy holidays.
CTAHG– Fair enough.
Partner– So what do you have planned for the rest of the evening? You probably have a hot date tonight with your girlfriend.
CTAHG– No, not really. Girls don’t normally come up to me.
Partner– Is that so? I can’t believe that would be the case.
CTAHG– Ya, story of my life…
Partner– Ya I don’t have any plans either. Maybe we could rustle us up something to do…
CTAHG– Maybe later, I really need to leave but my car is still up at the office…
Partner– Well I could give you a ride if you really need one.
CTAHG– Only if it doesn’t inconvenience you, than sure.

Our hero arrives at his business firms parking lot.

CTAHG– Thanks for the ride.
Partner– Oh it was my pleasure. Oh no, I think I left my office light on.
CTAHG– I don’t see a light on?
Partner– No, I’m pretty sure I left them on. Don’t you think I should go up there and turn them off?
CTAHG– No they’ll be fine
Partner– I really think I should turn them off… why don’t you help me?
CTAHG– No they’re halogen, don’t worry about it.
Partner– Do you want to come up to my office and have sex?
Partner– Fag.