We’ve all been there. We’ve all fucked up an opportunity to get laid. Maybe we weren’t pay too much attention because our focus was on video games or some shit but a girl was giving us great vibes and we just didn’t realize what was happening until hours, days or even months later. Furthermore, the advent of the term “thirsty” makes us even more cautious about looking too desperate so we don’t even seem interested.

I’ve decided to start a series of exaggerated dialogues where a guy just can’t take a hint.

CTAHG: Have too much to drink? Do you need me to call a cab for you?

Can’t take a hint guy walks his very pretty and very respectable date to her door after a date. Some may or may not have happened to me in real life.

Girl– So tonight was great; I really had a lot of fun.
CTAHG– I know right, man, I wish it didn’t have to end.
Girl– Well, who said it has to…?
CTAHG– What is that supposed to mean? It’s clearly too late to go out for a movie, and we’ve already eaten dinner.
Girl– You could come upstairs with me and we could…
CTAHG– We could do what? I mean there isn’t much that we could do up there that I couldn’t do at my own home.
Girl-Oh, ok. Well, do you want a cup of coffee?
CTAHG– You don’t have to do that. Plus it’s night time and who drinks coffee at night? I mean this is the time when people go to sleep.
Girl– Listen, if you come upstairs with me, I’ll make it worth your while…
CTAHG-Naw, I’m alright. I’ve got guitar hero back at the house calling my name. See ya later.
Girl– Fag

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