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Drinking Games

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Here are some of the best Card Games that involve drinking Alcohol: Ride the Bus Drinking Game, Horse Racing Drinking Game, SnapShot, Kings Cup, Pyramid Drinking Game, Go Fish…

drinking  card games

Awesome Version of How to Play Ride the Bus Drinking Game

Ride the Bus is one of the most popular drinking games and a personal favourite of mine and my girlfriend Claire.  We have played it many times by ourselves and with groups of friends. Once you understand the rules it is so easy to play.

Claire and I have has written our best article and described how to play ride the bus in a simple but detailed way. We included images and a great infographic summary for you to download onto your phone. 

Read How to play both the original Ride the Bus Drinking Game rules and the online ride the bus app version.

How To Easily And Quickly Learn to Play Horse Race Drinking Game

Claire and I a few times a year host themed drinking games at our home. She loves going all out. Dressing up, decorating the house and buying props etc… We haven’t hosted a Horse Race Drinking Party yet but after doing all this research, we are now adding it to our top list of themes. Read our simple but details instructions on how to play Horse Race Drinking Game including Kentucky Derby Drinking Game and the famous Mint Julep 

how to play SnapShot Drinking Game with a few new twists

Snapshot drinking game is an all-time favourite. Today we have spiced it up with a few twists variations for you to have fun with. With Snapshot there are no set rules, you can add as many new challenges as choose.

If you are looking for a drinking game that requires high level of skill, good level of intellect, ability to communicate, and high level of physical skills – this game is not for you. But you do require strong hands that can withstand a lot of slapping and a great sense of humour  Read More

Kings Drinking Game

Without doubt one of the most popular and easy drinking games with cards. The Kings Cup Drinking Game is also known as –  Ring of Fire, Circle of Death, Dirty Pint and Doughnut.

Kings Cup is the perfect drinking game for 2 people or can be played with with a big group. There are a variety of  versions to this game including an online app. I have provided you with the classic and most popular Kings Game Rules –  Read Here  and a copy to download and print.

Pyramid Drinking Game

Pyramid Drinking Game is a card game of cheating, deception and bluffing! Do you have a good poker face? If you do you will well at this drinking card game. 

 For this reason, it’s sometimes known as “B*llshit Pyramid.” Ride the bus and Beeramid are other variations of this game and it can also be played with a diamond rather than a pyramid. Learn how to play The Pyramid Drinking Game

The Mechanics of the Circle of Death Drinking Game

The Circle of Death Drinking Game is commonly played in basements and frat houses. It is a pretty cool game that makes parties even more fun. If you are new to college and are looking to make new friends, you can suggest playing this game at a party. You will surely make a good impression and instantly gain popularity. How to play circle of death

Go Fish Drinking Game

Go Fish is one of the most popular family card games in the world and so easy to understand. But it is also has another use and   voted one of the top most played  card games that involves lots of drinking and partying.

If you are looking for a easy fun night with your friends to relax, drink and play then this is the drinking game for you.

How to Play Go Fish Drinking Game

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