Drinking Games

I’m Ethan, Blogger by Day – Bartender by Night. Expert in all aspects of Social Drinking

Here is our list of some of the Best Drinking Games you can play using Coins


AnchorMan Drinking Game

This is one of the Best Coin Drinking Games.  It is competitive and perfect for a larger group of people split into 2 teams.

Spinners Coin Drinking Game

This Drinking Game can be a bit of a challenge if you haven’t mastered the art of spinning a coin. But it’s easy to learn and worth the effort

Flip, Sip or Strip Coin Drinking Game

Flip, Sip or Strip is such a popular drinking game, especially for 2 people. We have add our own variations. Check them out

Chuckie's Drinking Game

The basics of Chuckie’s coin drinking game. This is speed drinking game played by 2 people with a race against time where the loser pays the price.

Up Jenkins Drinking Game

Learning to play this Coin Drinking Game was so much fun and I highly recommend you give it a go if you haven’t already.

Quarters Drinking Game

If you are planning to throw a drinking party this weekend, make sure to include the Quarters Drinking Game. It’s easy to play and heaps of fun

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