Drink-A-Palooza is a board game that  combines all the best drinking games into one! It truly is a Party in a Box.

What is Drink-A-Palozza and How do we play

What is Drink-A-Palooza and how do we play the game. Drink-a-Palooza is a drinking board game that includes all the most popular drinking games. Including Kings Cup. Waterfall. High and Low. Flip Cup. Quarters. To start the game, you will need 1 quarter and plastic cups. Everything else is included. The aim of the game as you go around the board is to fill your empty beer six-packs with mini beer bottles. The first player to fill their 6 pack with 6 beer bottles wins

Age 21+ | People 2- 12 | Don’t Drive Home!

Drink-A-Palooza is the Ultimate Drinking Board Game. 

It will test your skills at Flip Cup, Beer Pong, Quarters, and includes top drinking games like Kings Cup and Waterfall.

Its a great board for couples, 2 people or teams of 2, having 6 teams and 12 players

What’s In the Box

  • Deck of card
  • Spinner
  • Ping Pong Balls
  • Coaster
  • Dice
  • Board
  • 6 x mini beer packs with 6  beer bottles


What you need

  • Drink-A-Palozza Game
  • Your partner or a group of friends
  • Beer or favourite drink
  • Quarter

Aim of the Game 

Each player or team of 2, chooses an empty mini beer 6 pack called a game piece. The aim of the game is to fill your six pack with mini beer bottles that are won throughout the game

Set up the Board Game

To put the game together you need the following

  • Place the base on the table
  • The board is placed on top of the base
  • Next put the beer bottle spin in the centre
  • The coaster then fits on top of the spinner
  • Lastly place the drink cup on top of the coaster


Drink-A-Palooza Rules

  • Each player to choose their empty 6 pack holder
  • To choose the player to go first; spin the bottle. The player that the bottle points to goes first.
  • Roll the dice and move your six pack around the board.
  • Wherever you land follow the instructions and carry out the task.
  • Move clockwise to the next player

When you Play in Teams of 2 

When you play in teams of 2, you can have up to 12 people playing at anytime

  • Change and rotate partners when you are playing Beer Pong, Quarters or Flip Cup

How do you win the Beer Bottles to fill your 6 pack


rink-a-palooza mini beer bottles

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Throughout the game you will eventually land on a competition game. Flip Cup, Quarters or Beer Pong. To play the competition you will need an opponent.

Spin the bottle and whoever it points to is the player. The player who wins gets the mini bottle and puts it into their 6 pack holder.

The first player to fill the 6 pack with 6 beer bottles wins the game…

Additional Rules 

When moving around the board you will land on some of the following spaces. Here are some of the most common rules

  • Steal an Bottle  – You can steal a mini bottle from a player of your choice.
  • 3-Man – When you land on this space you are known as  3-Man. When any player rolls a 3, the 3-Man takes a sip. If the player that is the 3-Man rolled a 3, you are no longer 3-man. When another player lands of 3-Man, that player takes over and become the 3-man.
  • Social – Everyone to shout ‘cheers’ and take a sip
  • Pour in Drink Cup – Pour extra drink into the centre cup
  • Waterfall – All players to play.  All begin drinking at the same time. The player who landed on the space waterfall stops drinking. All other players have to stop in rotation, starting with the 2nd player first, then 3rd, 4th etc…
  • Red card / Black card – The player must take a card from the deck. Pass on a sip if the colour of the card picked up is a match to the space you landed on. If it doesn’t match you take a sip.
  • Booze your turn – Play to take 1 sip and lose a turn
  • Drink Cup – Player who lands here must drink from the cup in the middle and refill the cup.
  • High / Low – All players to play. Take a card from the deck, the player who’s turn it is next must guess if the next card to be drawn will be higher or lower. The game moves on to the next player if the guess is correct.  If incorrect, the player must take a sip for every card that is drawn.
  • Drunk Tank – When a player lands on Drunk Tank, they directly to the Drunk Tank space. You stay there until you roll 1 on the dice. The player is given 3 changes to roll a 1 per turn. If the player doesn’t roll a 1 after the 3rd turn, they are allowed to leave the Drunk tank and move their 6 pack the number of spaces rolled on the dice. If they do roll a 1. The player moves to waterfall and starts the waterfall game.
  • Kings Cup – All players to play. Pick a card and follow the Kings Cup rules. Print a copy of the Kings Cup rules

Full Rules available from: Drink-A-Palooza

Drink-A-Palooza Videos

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