Drinkopoly is drinking board game made in Germany. It is by far one of the most popular games. This is a game to keep in cupboard and have on hand to bring out at anytime.

How to Play Drinkopoly

Here is a brief summary on how do you play Drinkopoly. To start you need to set up the Drinkopoly board and get your drinks ready. Each play to choose a coloured game pawn. Decide who goes first and roll the dice. Start moving around the board. Wherever your game pawn lands carry out the instruction or dare written on the board. When you have completed the task the next player takes their turn.

Age 21+ | People 1- 69  | Don’t Drive Home!

This drinking Game is played by over 1 million people around the world.

Drinkopoly – In the Box

  • Board
  • 1 x Dice
  • 44 Fields
  • 50 Cards
  • 6 Pawns

What you need

  • Drinkopoly Drinking Game
  • Your partner or a group of friends
  • Alcohol – mixture of drinks – shots, beer etc…

Beware Drinkopoly include a few ‘kinky dares’ like removing clothes and asking you to mimic your most favourite sex position! There are dares that are downright funny, crazy and sexy.



Drinkopoly Rules

It is a simple game to play and easy to learn.

  • Each player chooses a coloured game pawn
  • Choose who goes first and roll the dice and start moving around the board.
  • Wherever you land carry out the instructions.
  • Move onto the next play when the task has been completed
  • Thats as hard as it gets!

Here are a list of examples of the dares taken from Drinkopoly…

  • Repeat funny words
  • Tell a joke and let everyone decide if its good. If bad take 5 sips
  • Play arm wrestling – loser takes a shot
  • Take 2 shots or strip to your underwear
  • Staring contest – blink first and take a drink
  • Bartender – refill everyone’s drinks
  • Take a body shot of a player of your choice
  • Sit under the table for the next few rounds
  • Switch shirts with the player to your left
  • Make a short love poem and read out loud to the player of your choice
  • Kiss a layer of your choice and take 2 sips
  • Girl with the biggest boobs takes 3 sips
  • You and the player to your left stand up, stand on your left foot, hold your nose while keeping your elbow of the same arm on your knee. Lose your balance and take 3 sips
  • Best pick up line
  • Do an impression of a famous person. Player who guesses right doesn’t drink. Everyone else takes 2 sips
  • Throw a dice with a player of your choice, loser takes 2 sips


Drinkopoly Videos

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