Flip, Sip or Strip For Two People

Flip, Sip or Strip is perfect if you are looking for an easy but naughty drinking game to play with your partner or a group. There are times when you just need a simple game without having set up a board or have to learn complicated rules.

This game needs absolutely no skill and is fully governed by luck.

As Flip, Sip or Strip drinking game has grown more popular, rules have been added and changed. There are a few variations of the game I have covered.

What you need

  • 2 or more people
  • Coin
  • Favourite Alcohol
  • A wild Imagination
  • Raunchy Music

How to Play Basic Flip, Sip or Strip

  1. Flip a coin and while it is still in the air call out heads or tails.
  2. If you guess right pass coin onto next player or partner
  3. If you guess it wrong – Pass the coin and choose to either take 2 shots or lose 1 article of clothing.
  4. A pair of socks ( or a pair of anything) counts as 1 item of clothing.
  5. If you guessed wrong and you took a drink this time, on your next turn (if you guess wrong) you must take an item of clothing off.
  6. When you have no clothes left, then continue to drink until the game ends

The End of the Drinking Game

Optional endings  – your choose

  • The game ends when everyone is naked!!
  • The game ends when the 1st person is naked

Add these Variations

Here are a few of the variations. This is a drinking game that you can make your own. Add or change the rules to suit

  • When you flip the coin into the air, if you guess it right, instead of passing it onto the next player you can flip again.
  • Guess right 3 times in a row, you can put back on a piece of clothing. But no more than 3 go’s in a row
  • Add some dares into the mix. If you guess wrong you can choose – Strip, drink or dare. But you have to alternate all three. (can’t choose drinks and dares on each go)
  • If you make a lousy or pathetic throw – take a drink and throw again.
  • Guess right twice and have the option of passing the coin to any player, ot take another go
  • When playing with your partner – if they guess correct on the 2nd throw, then you get to ask them a question that they must answer. Your questions will depend on you, how well you know your partner etc…

As this drinking is so popular, Claire decided she wanted to update it and focus  on turning it more into a couples drinking game. Check out the new version here

Original version of Flip Sip or Strip

Need another game that doesn’t require a deck of cards? Here’s Flip, Sip or Strip — one of the simplest games on the site. This game needs no skill and is fully governed by luck.

Start by flipping a coin and having your opponent guess the result. If they get it right on the first try, it’s their time to flip. If they don’t guess correctly, however, keep flipping until they get it right or until the coin has been flipped a maximum of three times — whichever comes first.

  1. As mentioned before, if they get it right on the first try, the coin immediately switches hands.
  2. If they get it right on the second try, they must answer any question you have. Ask fun questions that encourage conversation; don’t be afraid to pause the game to have a conversation around your question. In fact, I encourage it! What’s the rush?
  3. If they get it right on the third attempt, your opponent must take a shot.
  4. If they get it wrong all three times, your opponent must take a shot AND remove an article of clothing. If clothes have to be kept on (lame), this can be replaced with something else such as a dare. So if your opponent guesses wrong three times, he/she must take a shot and do a dare.

If Flip, Sip or Strip isn’t your flavour, click here for more drinking games for two people.