Get ready for the party of the year on St. Patrick’s Day Saturday 17th March. To celebrate you need some party ideas, at the very least something Green to wear or a St. Patrick’s Day shirts, some Irish jokes and quotes and don’t forget traditional Irish toasts.

Get all your St Patrick’s Day shirts, dress up, and accessories HERE

You will find all that here together with some St Patrick’s day drinking game ideas, how to make green beer and Irish shots.

The Irish know how to party. They are so much fun to be with, full of jokes, songs and most of the time you can’t understand them! What is not too much of a surprise is their love of a good drink – anytime!!

The world gets together on one day a year, we will wear and drink anything that green and Irish. The pubs are flowing, music is playing and parties go on until late in the morning.Leprechaun girl with beer


We are turning your favorite games into Irish, St Patrick’s Day Drinking Games

Let the Drinking Games begin…..

Irish Pass the Parcel

Who has played pass the parcel as a kid! Well, I just reinvented it into a drinking Irish game version! For adults – You will not see this game anywhere else, unless someone copies it…

Number of people

From 2+

What you need

  • Everyone to wear at least 1 item of green Irish clothing
  • A funny St Patrick’s day gift –ideas badges, socks, mug, choc, flag
  • 10 + pieces of green wrapping paper
  • In between each wrapping is an Irish dare, joke, quote
  • Irish Green Beer, Irish shots, Guinness
  • Irish Music

Set up

  • Wrap the gift in 1 sheet of green paper
  • Have a list of Irish dares, Irish jokes and slang words – get your list of Irish slang words at the end of this article
  • Sellotape 1 of your dares/jokes to the wrapping
  • Repeat with the next 9 sheets of wrapping
  • Prepare your favorite Irish drinks –read below for recipes on making green beer and Irish shots
  • Someone needs to sit out and oversee turning the music on and off. Or close their eyes and do it. Whatever works for you.

How to play

  • Get everyone to have their drinks ready and either sit or stand in a circle
  • The game starts with someone holding the parcel
  • Turn on the Irish music and pass the parcel to your right
  • Keep the parcel moving until the music stops. (Person in charge of the music will decide when to stop it, don’t let it run too long but enough to keep everyone on their toes)
  • When the music stops, the person holding the parcel must take off the first wrapping. Take a shot / drink and either read out an Irish joke or quote or do a dare
  • When they have finished, the music gets turned on and the parcel gets moves onto to right.
  • This is repeated until all wrapping paper has been removed and the last to hold the parcel gets to keep the gift.
  • You can repeat this with as many parcels as you choose


Irish Poker

A really easy game, to start your drinking night  

Number of people

From 2+ (use an extra deck of cards if there is a large group)

What you need

  • Everyone to wear at least 1 item of green Irish clothing
  • Deck of Cards – Irish if possible …take a look at these Guinness Playing Card
  • Irish Green Beer, Irish shots, Guinness
  • Irish Music – background atmosphere music

Set up

  • Prepare your favorite Irish drinks –read below for recipes on making green beer and Irish shots
  • Card table | dining table | the floor

How to play

  • Choose a dealer
  • The dealer to deal out every player 4 cards face down
  • Player to the left of the dealer goes first
  • He or she must turn over their card but before they do they have to guess whether the card will be a black or red.
  • If they get it right everyone else takes a drink – for the number of seconds to the value of the card
  • If they get it wrong they must drink instead.
  • Continue until everyone is out of cards.

Told you it was an easy one!!!

Irish Hour

This is one brainless drinking game to add throughout the night

Rules – there aren’t any!

What do you need

  • Party people dressed in something green
  • Green drinks
  • A person to set an alarm (iPhone) to go off on the hour, every hour
  • A Party going on
  • Irish toast for each hour

How to Play

  • When the timer goes off every hour, everyone to stop whatever they are doing.
  • Nominate a person or different people each time to make an Irish toast or an Irish Joke!
  • Everyone to take a shot
  • Then carry on with the game you were playing

Leprechaun costume st Paddy's Day


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Quart O’ Quarters

I love these simple games – you don’t have think, great to play towards the end of the night

Rules – there aren’t any!

What do you need

  • Party people dressed in something green
  • Green drinks
  • A quarter

Set up

  • Prepare your favorite Irish drinks –read below for recipes on making green beer and Irish shots
  • Table or floor to spin quarter

How to play

  • Take it in turns to spin a quarter
  • While the quarter is spinning everyone to drink as mush green beer as possible until the quarter stops spinning

Definitely one for the end of the night!!

Here is a few some oldies – St Patty’s drinking games sourced on line. Some are hilarious and others downright ridiculous but hey, they have been around a long time. You make your own mind up!


an Irish Quarters drinking game

What you need

  • Party people dressed in something green
  • Green alcoholic drinks
  • A Nickel

How to play

  • Simple – instead of the traditional quarters drinking game where you bounce coins into a glass of alcohol. In this amended version, you do the same only when you bounce the nickel into your glass of green brew you get to drink the nickel too! Yep I warned you.
  • The idea is at the end to throw up all your loose change!

Seamus Heaney Trivia

This is a weird one!

What you need

  • Party people dressed in something green
  • Green beer
  • 10 Seamus Heaney Trivia questions – just in case you did decide to go ahead with this game, I have included your Seamus Heaney Trivia questions and answers here!

Set up

  • Chose 1 person to the ‘Quizzer’
  • Everyone else are the ‘Quizzes”

How to play

  • The Quizzer asks a question to the Quizzes
  • Everyone drinks a beer at quick as possible and then shouts out the answer
  • The 1st ‘Quizze’ to drown a beer and answer the question correctly wins another beer!

This is where the game can end quickly!

  • Anyone who shouts out the wrong answer – they are called “an intellectual inferior” must leave the game!
  • Anyone who does not know anything about Seamus Heaney – must leave the game!
  • Anyone who cannot pronounce the name Seamus and calls him “See-muss” is ridiculed – must leave the game!

 This is where it gets weird

  • If there is a possibility that 2 players are left, meaning the ‘Quizzer’ and ‘Quizze’ – a game of Indian leg wrestling will decide the winner

I did warn you!

Bono O’ Bingo

This game just needs 1 line! It’s the same as Bingo, but when you win, you yell “Bono!”… and take a drink. Lame right – glad I didn’t make this one up!

Getting Ready for your St Patrick’s Day Drinking  Games Party

OK, so we have a few drinking games to choose from. If these are not for you, then pick your favorite drinking game, put up some St Patrick’s Day decorations, make sure everyone wears some green.

Here’s what to do someone shows up with something Green on!

  • Mix a shot and green beer together and insist they drink it
  • Have something ridiculous that’s green for them to wear as a fall back

Here are a few Drinking Game Ideals to convert to St Patrick’s Day

Here are a few St Patty Decorating Ideas


Time to take a look at some great Irish drinking recipes

Irish Green Beer

Drinking green beer is more of an American St Patrick’s Day tradition rather than an original Irish one. But it so popular and lots of fun. It wouldn’t be a party without the Green Beer.  The good news is Green beer is very  easy to make.

 TipIrish green beer for St Patrick's Day

Lighter color beer works better and looks greener – Coors, Miller, Budweiser


  • 12 ounces of bee
  • 1 drop food colouring – green

How to make Green Beer

  • Put into your beer glass 1 drop of food colouring –green
  • Pour you beer on top of it

That’s as hard as it gets!

How to make a Baby Guinness Shot

If you want to impress your friends have a go at making this fabulous Baby Guinness Shot

The Ingredients:

  • 1 ounce coffee liquor – Brand options: Kahlua | Patron XO Café | Tia Maria | Allen’s
  • ½ ounce Irish Cream – Brand options: Baileys | Kerrygold | Carolans
  • Shot glass

The drink ratio can vary but use 3 – 1 as your guide

Putting it together

  • Get your shot glassBaby Guinness st Paddys Day
  • Pour 1 ounce of coffee liqueur, filling the glass up approx. ½ – ¾
  • Gently pour ½ ounce of the Irish cream, allowing it to sit on top of the liqueur
  • Finally using a spoon, pour the remaining Irish Cream over the spoon and into the glass

Variations to try:

  • Change the coffee liquor with Black Sambuca
  • Some recipes say to whip the Irish cream
  • Baby Guinness Jell-O Shots

Some Tips

  • Chill the coffee liquor
  • Not a sipping drink! – meant to drank in 1 hit

Calories – if you are interested! – approx. 200kcal