The Fun Guide to Playing Drunk Jenga

Drunk Jenga is a fun twist to the classic Jenga game that everybody loves. It is more fun and exciting because it involves drinking!

How to play Drunk Jenga is a popular question. To start the game, you need a set of Jenga Blocks. A list of dares. And alcohol. Build the tower to start the game. Each player takes it in turn to remove 1 block. Once the block has been removed (without the tower collapsing) carry on the dare written on the block. These dares will include some form of alcohol. Play continues until the tower is falls down

 In this article, I have explained everything you need to know about the Jenga Drinking Game and more importantly written in easy readable steps. I have included a long list of ideas on what to write on the Jenga blocks and of course all the information is available for you to print off and use over and again.

I have played the adult drinking version Jenga many times with my partner and our mates. When you want a fun but brain free night, this is a great game that will have you laughing in no time.

Top Reasons to play Drunk Jenga

  • It is one of the easiest drinking games to play – no rocket science needed
  • Helps you chill out, relax and have fun after a busy week
  • It’s a cheap night. Just bring your drinks and food – someone is sure to have an old Jenga Game lying around. If not they cheap to buy on Amazon
  • You can play with your boyfriend or girlfriend on a date night or a big group of you
  • Adult Jenga is a drinking game that can help you break the ice at the beginning of a party.

Brief Summary of the Game 

  • Build a Jenga tower consisting of 54 blocks
  • Write a challenge, a rule or dare on each block
  • Each player on turn must carefully remove 1 block and carry out the challenge
The game will end when the tower collapses

Let’s Begin – What You Need to Play this Game 

  • A regular Jenga set
  • A marker pen
  • Rule Sheet – List of Drunk Jenga Challenges (see below)
  • Alcoholic beverages (beer, margarita mix, wine coolers, etc.)

 Start by preparing the Jenga blocks. This is a little time consuming but once done it will be set up and ready for many more games to come.

 Tips for writing out the challenges on the Jenga Blocks


  • Lay out every Jenga block on the floor or on a table
  • Use a good marker pen
  • Write on one of the two large flat sides.
  • Decide what challenges that you want to play.
  • Be creative with your choosing your challenges and rules
  • Use our list below or borrow ideas from other drinking games
  • Write the code on the block with matching the rules sheet (all done for you below)
  • You can use the same challenges on as many blocks as you want
  • This game is so flexible and fun – make your challenges physical, funny, sexier.

Drunk Jenga Rules

  • The Game starts by first building the tower.
  • Stack the blocks in a way that every level shows three pieces.
  • Each player then takes a turn to remove a block.
  • Since this is Drinking Jenga, it would be more fun to require the players to use just one hand when pulling out a block. Tipsy players are highly likely to mess up!
  • Do not take blocks from the two topmost rows.
  • When a player successfully pulls out a block while keeping the tower standing, he has to follow the rule that is written on his block.
  • In general, the more absurd the rule is, the more drinks a player has to take.

The End of the Game

  • When a player pulls out a block and the tower crashes down, the game is over But…
  • he has to finish his drink.
  • He also has to randomly pick up three blocks with his eyes closed.
  • Then, he has to follow the rules written on these blocks.
  • If you want to make your game more interesting, you can also require the person who crashes the tower to take a drink from the cup of every player after finishing his drink.

Set Up the Jenga Blocks

Write out rules on a sheet Or just use the one already done for you below. Then with a marker pen write the matching code words on the blocks.

For example:

Write the code word “Butts” on a block. On the rules sheet, this this means “Award a drink to the player with a sexy butt”

A list of 54 Drinking Jenga Challenges



Code on Block Challenge description
Arm Wrestle You must arm wrestle the player to your right. Whoever loses takes a drink
Butts Award a drink to the player with a sexy butt
Blind Fold Have another turn. Take another block with your eyes closed
Swap the Top Change tops with another player
Sexy Selfie Send a sexy selfie to someone – not in the room
Lap Dance Do the best lap dance to the player of your choice
Body guard Pick a player. For the remainder of the game, they must drink every time you are made to drink
Dicks All the guys take a drink
Chicks All the girls take a drink
I’m Greedy Have another turn
I’m Odd Have another turn using your other hand
Unsure Take another block and put it back
Alcoholic Finish off your drink
Foot Massage Give the player to your left the best foot massage – make it a good one
Spin the Bottle Kiss whomever the bottle points to.
Strip 1 Remove 1 piece of clothing
Spelling Test Spell the play to you rights name backwards. Get it wrong and drink 2
Under Pressure Drink 1 drink for every player at the game
90’s Bands Name 3 90’s Bands or drink 3
Bipolar Insult the player to your left, then compliment the player to your right
Selfish Choose any player to drink 2
Accent Speak with a Scottish accent for the rest of the game
Beer Wench Fletch drinks for every player for remainder of the game
Switch Hands Pick a player to play with their opposite hand for the rest of the game
Drinking Partner Choose a player that has to drink every time you do for the rest of the game
I’m Thirsty Finish your drink, plus finish the drinks of the player to your left and right
Gary Coleman The shortest player to drink 4 drinks and then give 4 drinks
Double Play Player to your left to drink double what you drink for the rest of the game
Mirror Mirror Swap Drinks with player opposite you
Casanova Kiss the player on the left
Throw the block throw the block to any player, if they drop it drink 3
Kings Cup Every player to pour drinks into 1 cup drink
All eyes Players with glasses take a drink
No Blinking Choose a player and challenge them to a stare contest. The player who blinks first drinks 2
Text your Ex Send a text to your ex girl or boyfriend
Elvis Do your best Elvis impression
Young Buck The youngest player drink 2
Old Fart The oldest player drink 2
Who’s Single Any player not in a relationship drink 3
Strip 2 You take off 1 article of clothing and choose another player to take of 1 article of clothing
I’m anti-social You must not drink or talk for 5 minutes
Giant Tallest player to take 1 drink
Whale Do an incredible impression of a beached whale
Deodorant test Smell the player to your right armpit
Lap it up Do your best lap dance to the player on the left
Name that Beer In 15 seconds’ name 10 brands of beer or drink 3
Name game Take a drink for as many letters that are in your last name
Hands Up Last player to put their hands in the air drinks
Tricky Take another block while drinking
Thriller Do your best Thriller dance moves
Whistle Whistle the song – New York New York for 30 seconds


Make sure that you also drink lots of water between the rounds. Drunk Jenga is generally a safe game, as long as you keep your alcohol intake in moderation and you do not choose tasks that can possibly endanger health or life.

Keep in mind that this game is meant to make your evening more fun and exciting. Feel free to tweak the game according to your liking.

 My website Keg of Wisdom is designed to entertain and does not support excessive alcohol, irresponsible behaviour, drink driving, or underage drinking. I ask that you know your limitations and please drink responsibly