7 Awesome New Drinking Games for 2 people to play

Get ready for 7 new or refreshed awesome drinking games for 2 people to play. They are a mixture of drinking games played with a dice, pack of cards, or on a board. They are all easy drinking games that you can pick up and learn quickly. Get your party drinks ready and plan a fun night with your friend or partner.

Dice Drinking Games play with two people

1. Threshold – Dice drinking game for 2

What you need

  • 1 Cup
  • 1 quarter
  • 1 dice
  • Shots / beer

How to play

  • Put the dice and the quarter in the cup
  • Have your drinks poured and ready.
  • Each player takes turns to roll the dice and quarter in the cup
  • The first roller – flips the cup onto the table and calls out heads or tails
  • If the roller calls out the correct face, they are safe! And the next player becomes the roller

If the roller calls out the wrong face then they must drink as many time as on their dice … eg: 4 = 4 shots and so on….

2. Dice – Drinking Game

What you need

  • 2 Dice
  • Drink – beer and shots
  • 2 people

How to play

  • 1st player to roll 2 dice
  • Rule 1 – Any numbers that add up to 6 or have the number 6 – you must take a drink / gulp of beer
  • Rule 2 – When you roll a double 2, 4, or 5 you must take that number of either shots or gulps – up to you
  • Rule 3 – If you roll double 3 – you are in trouble! – that adds up to 6 – that’s 4 gulps!!
  • Rule 4 – roll double 1 or double 6 – you must take a ‘shot’
  • Change to the 2nd player if you don’t roll any of the above

Card drinking game for 2

3. High / Low simple but fun drinking card game

What you need

  • Pack of Cards
  • Beer / shots
  • 2 people

How to play

  • The dealer deals 1 card to the other player
  • After looking at the card, the player must then guess if the next card will be higher or lower.
  • If wrong player take a drink
  • If right the dealer takes a drink
  • If you are wrong 3 times in a row switch over with the dealer

Another version is called black and red. Instead of calling higher or lower you can black or red.

Drinking Board Games for 2

4. Checkers drinking Game

What you need

  • 1 Checkers board
  • lots of Shot glass
  • beer in each shot glass

How to play

  • Set up checkers board game
  • Put beer into about 24 shot cups or glasses
  • Every time you get jumped and lose a checker take a shot

Also try Checkers Shot Glass Bar Game Set  from Amazon – a great gift for a friend

5. Shooters and Ladders

What you need

How to play

  • If you are playing from the Shooters and ladders amazon set, it’s a simple adult version of chutes or snakes and ladders but with shots
  • Use a shot glass instead of markers to move around the board.
  • Roll the dice, move your shot glass the number of spaces on the board.
  • Follow drinking dares & instructions on the board

For Chutes or snakes and ladders

  • Roll the dice
  • Move your marker/shot glass the amount on the dice
  • If you land on a ladder you are safe – go up the ladder
  • If you land on a snake, go down the snake a take a gulp of beer for each square you go down

6. Tic Tac Toe Drinking Shot game

This is the adult drinking version of the tic tac toe, also known as noughts and crosses. A popular and easy drinking Game to start the night. This drinking games comes with a ready-made option including shot glasses from Amazon or you could simply use the old-fashioned pen and paper and raw it out yourself. What you need

Tic tac toe drinking game rules

  • Have your shots glasses ready and filled with alcohol
  • If you are using pen and paper draw out the cross as per picture of the game with enough room to put your shot glasses on.
  • Aim to get 3 shot glasses in a row – up, down, across, diagonally
  • 1st player put their shot on a square
  • 2nd player puts their shot glass on a square to try to block the other player from getting 3 in a row
  • Take it in turns placing your shot glasses in the squares to try to get your 3 shot glasses in a row.
  • The loser must skull their drink and if you are really going for it, the other players drinks as well!!!

Easy Drinking Game for 2

7. Flip Cup drinking game

Fun and so easy to play What you need

  • 5 – 10 (or more) Plastic cups
  • beer

How to play

  • Line up as many plastic cups filled with beer as you want
  • Start together by downing the first beer as quick as you can
  • Then turn the empty cup upside down on the edge of the table
  • Flip or flick the cup over to land the right side up and then go onto the next beer.
  • Person to drink all beer and flick over each cup wins.
  • You can’t go onto the next beer until the cup if flipped over and lands upright
Keg of wisdom is all about having fun, Beer Facts, and Drinking Games but where excess drinking is involved we do encourage responsible drinking and never Drink and Drive..