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Online Drinking Games take no Planning, no Skill, they are Free and can be Played Instantly. Check out my detailed list of the best drinking games online

Online Drinking Games

Awesome Version of How to Play Ride the Bus Drinking Game

Ride the Bus is one of the most popular drinking games and a personal favourite of mine and my girlfriend Claire.  We have played it many times by ourselves and with groups of friends. Once you understand the rules it is so easy to play.

It takes next to no skill but you do need a bit of luck. I have recently discovered the online drinking game version and it’s awesome. It’s one of many, great online drinking games that Claire and I now add to our date nights and game nights with friends.

I am going to cover both the original Ride the Bus Drinking Game rules and the online ride the bus app version.

Ethan’s Impressive Guide To Online Drinking Games For 2

I am a traditional drinking game fan, but recently a friend asked if I had ever played any online drinking games with my partner… I can honestly say at that time I hadn’t…

I decided I needed to check them out and see what was available. I was in for a very pleasant surprise, there are loads of great drinking games available for playing online. It has taken a bit of time to go through them and is still a working progress. There were many I really like and lots I discarded.

My partner Claire and I regularly add drinking games to our social night, and we made it my mission to research and play as many of the online drinking games for 2 as possible!

Here is the start of our run down on what we liked. Like many apps there are paid and free versions. The free version on some of these drinking game apps are limited but if you love you game you may decide it’s worth paying for the full version. Enjoy my guide to online drinking Games

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