Pyramid Drinking Game

Pyramid Drinking Game is a card game of deception and bluffing. For this reason, it’s sometimes known as “B*llshit Pyramid.” Ride the bus and Beeramid are other variations of this game and it can also be played with a diamond rather than a pyramid.

Here’s what you Need

Players: 2+ (you may add an extra deck for longer game times or lots of players)

Table or Flat Surface

Deck of playing Cards

Favorite alcoholic drink – Beer, wine, Shots etc..

 Aim of the Game

Deceive and bluff your way through the game and to get other players to drink based on the cards that they think you have.

 Pyramid Set upPyramid drinking game

  • Begin by finding a large flat surface.
  • Remove the jokers and create a pyramid by ordering cards into rows.
  • Start with six cards, then five on the next row above, and descend until the top row has one card.

How to play pyramid card game

  • The dealer passes to each player three cards, face down.
  • Players can look at the cards, but do not show them to any other player.
  • Starting at the bottom left, flip over a card. If a player has a card with the same value as the flipped card in their hand, they may tell another player to take a drink. If they do not, they have to take a drink.
  • They can also lie and pretend that they have a card with the same value in their hand and tell another player to drink.
  • If the person who has been told to drink suspects that the other player is lying they can say “b*llshit.” If the other player was lying, they have to drink double the amount of drinks specified.
  • If they were not lying the player who was told to drink must drink double instead!
  • If the player had the same valued card or successfully lied about having one, they may exchange a card for another in the deck. They do not have to exchange the card with the same value!
  • The game continues going along the row.
  • You now carry on, moving up a row, but all drink penalties are doubled.
  • On the third row, the required drinks are again doubled, or increased by one, until you reach the top of the pyramid.

Fun Additions:  Here are a few more rules to add to Pyramid Drinking Game

  • At any point, a player can guess the suite and value of a card in another player’s hand. If they get it right, the other player must drink and can exchange their card for another from the deck. If they get it wrong, the guesser must drink double.
  • At the end each player has to turn their memorized cards over and say it out loud.
    If you can not then you drink per card you don’t remember.

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