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Make Your Party More Fun with the Quarters Drinking Game

If you are planning to throw a party this weekend, make sure to include the Quarters Drinking Game in your list of activities. It is a popular drinking game in which the players bounce a quarter off of the table to make it land into a cup or glass. There are many different ways on how to play Quarters. The rules of the game are also flexible. You can set the rules according to your own liking, but make sure to lay out all the details before starting the game. To play the Quarters Drinking Game, you will need:

  • Table
  • A quarter
  • Drinking glass
  • Drinking cups
  • Liquor of your choice.

To help you get started, here are two of the most common variations of the Quarters Drinking Game:

Standard Quarters Drinking Game

To set up:

Put everything on the table and gather around it. Give each one of your friends a drinking cup filled with beer, vodka, or any liquor of your choice. Move the drinking glass to the center of the table.  

Start shooting. You can take turns in a clockwise or counterclockwise manner, whichever appeals to you. The goal is to bounce the quarter off of the table and into the drinking glass. If it lands inside the glass, the successful shooter gets to choose anyone from the group to drink from his cup. His turn continues until he misses a shot.

Take a “chance”. If the shooter misses a shot, he has to either pass the quarter to the person next to him or take a “chance”. If he opts to take a “chance”, he gets another turn. However, if he misses again, he has to be given a penalty drink. Players should shout the word “chance” immediately after missing a shot to indicate that they want another turn.

Modify the rules. When the shooter successfully lands the quarter inside the glass three times consecutively, he gets to modify the rules. Any player who breaks these new rules has to be given a penalty drink.

Try to challenge the shooter. Players are allowed to challenge the shooter once he missed a shot. If he misses once more, he has to take a drink for every player who challenges him. However, if he manages to land the quarter inside the glass, the players who challenge him should take a drink. The shooter can opt to refuse the challenge and simply pass the quarter to the next player.

Finish the game. The game is done when only one person remains. This person becomes the winner. The players get disqualified when they are no longer able to drink liquor.

Super Quarters Drinking Game

Set up. Fill the glass with liquor and put it in the center of the table. From here on, this glass would be called the “Big Chug”. Surround it with drinking cups. There should be one cup for every player, and they should know which cup is theirs. Fill these cups with liquor too.

Start the game. The goal is to bounce the quarter towards the cups. If a player misses a shot, he must down the liquor in his cup and he does not get a point. Then, he has to pass the quarter to the player next to him. If the new shooter lands the quarter into another player’s cup, he gets one point and the person who owns this cup has to drink the liquor it contains.

Drink from the Big Chug. When the quarter lands inside the Big Chug, all players should down the content of their respective cups. The person who finishes his drink last has to empty the Big Chug and he loses two points.

Finish the game. The game ends when everyone gets too exhausted or intoxicated to continue. The person with the most number of points wins the game. The above rules are not definite or strict. You can change the rules according to your preferences and simply use the above given rules as guidelines. The main objective of the Quarters Drinking Game is to enjoy the party and have fun with your friends.

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