An awesome drinking game for couples, Snapshot is based on a card game called Snap. Snap can be played by anyone as young as 4 years old but Snapshot, however, is a variation reserved for the big kids like us because it combines the rules of Snap with the deliciousness and after effects of alcoholic beverages.

Instructions are available in text and video form. To view videos, scroll to the bottom of this post. To view the text instructions, keep scrolling.

To play snap, players should split a deck of cards evenly between each other. The cards should be facing down. Now, taking turns, each player should take a card from their set and place it in the middle of the table. You must not see the card until it is placed in the middle of the table so that both players see it at the same time.

Take turns doing this until two cards of the same value (eg. two kings or two 7’s) are played consecutively. When this happens, the first player to shout “snap!” and place his/her hand on the pile wins all the cards in that pile. The entire pile should be shuffled and added to that players stack or added first and shuffled afterwards. If a player yells “snap!” and places his/her hand on the pile when there are no consecutive cards, they must give the opponent a card from their own stack. The game is won when one player has all the cards.

For Snapshot, every time a snap is made, the loser of that round must take a shot and when an incorrect snap is made, the offender must take a shot. At the end of the game, the loser of the entire game (i.e. the player with no cards) must take two shots AND complete a truth or dare (or remove an article of clothing).

How to play Snap:

Snapshot instructions: