Speed Drinking  Games

Speed Facts Drinking Game

This is a great drinking game for 2 people. Speed facts is a competition to see who knows more about their partner. This game requires nothing except yourselves and your favourite drinks. How easy it that!

You will need to recall and state facts about past times together, knowledge about each other etc.. It’s a fast game hence its name ‘Speed Facts” You don’t have long to get your facts out.

The fun part of course is getting the facts wrong. But that will happen naturally as the game goes on and the drinks increase.

Remember this is meant to be a laugh, so if your partner really gets theirs facts mixed up, its ok!

Skills Required

  • A good sense of humour
  • Controlled emotion if your partner gets facts wrong about special moments 
  • Speed to recall information
  • A certain level of knowledge about your partner

Here’s how to play

  • The basic idea is a back and forth exchange between the two players stating facts they know and facts they remember about times in their lives together. Example: You were wear a red dress on our first date
  • Each time a player gets a fact wrong or takes more than 3 seconds to come up with one, he/she loses that round.
  • The partner must take a shot for every 3 rounds lost.
  • If you feel 3 rounds is too little or too much, feel free to adjust the number to your liking.

Helpful Tips

When playing this drinking game,  it advisable to be at lease a little prepared.

Here are a list of ideas of facts of knowledge about each other to get you going:)

  • When you first met, holidays, times together
  • On our first date you were wearing …
  • We met on Dec 10th 2016
  • Anniversary date
  • Birthday Dates
  • Schooling, qualifications
  • Achievements
  • Work
  • Favourite foods
  • How many sugars in tea or coffee
  • Favourite movie is
  • Drinking Game you love best is
  • Favourite song of all time is
  • Your favourite pizza topping is
  • The first movie we saw together was
  • Your favourite flavour crisps are
  • Your shoe size is
  • Your favourite color is
  • Your lucky number is
  • Your bra size is
  • You are awesome at
  • Your favourite TV show is
  • Your favourite ice cream is
  • Your biggest fear is
  • You are afraid of
  • Your first pet was called
  • Your dream car is
  • Your dream job is to be
  • Your most prized procession is 
  • You like your eggs
  • Your favourite fruit is
  • I first said I love you on

Why Couples remember Facts differently

It very common that 2 people will remember romantic times to together, like the first date, first holiday, etc.. very differently.

It is said that women are more likely than men to remember emotional events. And of course when that happens, the emotional side of the woman gets upset. 

This is just a fun drinking game… Have a big laugh playing it…. 

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