Summary of Our Drinking Games

At present, we have eight drinking games for two people on the website with more coming soon. Until then, click here to view the current list.

You may be wondering, however, what is the basic underlining principle of each game and which ones are good for what situations.

That’s what this article is about – giving you a quick rundown of each game so you don’t have to read out main 2,000 word post.

First let’s start with two truths, one lie. The basic idea is that you have to make three statements and your has one shot to choose which one is a lie. Yes, one of the three needs to be a lie.. no cheating!

Never Have I Ever is all about trying to see how much the other person has “lived”. It’s a way to see what experiences either or both have had and allows you to learn some interesting facts and clues about your partner/opponent.

Russian Roulette, like the game played with a revolver is all about chance. Nothing more, nothing less.

Flip, sip or strip is for you if you’re trying to get straight to the point and get some clothes off. And the best part is that you only need a coin to get started.

Snapshot is probably my favorite because it is a fun game without being overtly sexual. It has the right mix of laughs, competitiveness and touching. When I say touching, I just mean hands. Snapshot is a game that you will eventually end up touching each other’s hands in.

Go Fish is a game you’re probably already familiar with. All we did was add some rules for drinking in there. Nothing special.

The Name Game is one for the quick thinkers so if you’re not able to think quickly on your free, try a different one. The basic idea is that one person says a name or word and the next person says another name or word which starts with the first letter in the case of a name, or the last letter in the case of a word.

Unlike some of the above games, Speed Facts is about showcasing what you already know about the person you’re playing with. You take turns stating facts about each other and drink when you make a false statement or can’t come up with one in the stipulated time.