The secret to Sexy Spin the Bottle Drinking Game for Couples

Claire and I have looked at every variation of spin the bottle a drinking games for couples and this is the best version we could find that are going to play over and over again. We have already and love it.

Here’s how to Play a Sexy version of Spin the Bottle for Couples. Place a bottle in the centre on the floor.  Around the outside in a circle put a selection of sexy treats with an instruction of what each one is for. Take it in turns to spin the bottle. Whoever spins the bottle, takes a drink and carries out the dare on their partner.

That was a brief summary now let’s go into a little more detail and have so sexy couple fun.

Here’s what do you need:

  • Yourself and your partner
  • Romantic Music
  • A bottle to spin
  • A mixture of at least 10 sexy treats and dares
  • Favourite drinks
  • Timer

Set Up

  • Place a bottle in the middle of the floor or a large table and make sure it spins
  • Write out all the dares and put them in a circle around the bottle. I have written a long list of dares below
  • Set up your drinks
  • Put on your favourite music

Not need to worry about looking writing out your dares, here are 20 sexy treat and dares to get you started 

  1. Pour Whipped cream on a body part and lick it off
  2. Do a Body Shot
  3. Roll Kinky Dice – carry out the dare
  4. Remove 1 piece of clothing from me with your teeth
  5. Handcuff me and do something that will send me wild
  6. Send me the sexiest, naughtiest and dirtiest text
  7. Do a slow strip tease remove 2 pieces of clothing
  8. With a blindfold on kiss 3 parts of your partner’s body without using your hands
  9. Kiss my neck for 1 minute
  10. Spell my name with your tongue on part of my body
  11. Give a lap dance for 1 minute
  12. Feed your partner chocolate without either of you using your hands
  13. Put a blindfold on your partner, use a feather and lightly tease and tickle any part of their body for 1 minute
  14. Lovingly wash your partner’s feet
  15. Stand within 1 inch of your partner, look at each other in the eye, without touching each other tell them what you love about them for 1 minute
  16. Dress your partner is opposite sex clothes of your choice or swop clothes with your partner
  17. Do whatever they tell you for 1 minute
  18. Take off all your clothes, put one item back on each of your turns
  19. Copy Meg Ryan sexy scene in when Harry met Sally
  20. Suck your partner’s toes for 1 minute

 Play the Game

  • So, you have everything ready to go
  • You have put in place all your dares
  • The bottle spins easily
  • The mood is set, the music is on
  • Pour yourselves a big drink and you are ready to go.

Take it in turns to spin the bottle.

Where ever it lands carry out the dare on / with  each other.

More Sexy Drinking Games for Couples

Drinking Games for Couples as so much fun. To get to let your hair down, relax and enjoy each others company on a whole new level.  Here are few more drinking games to enjoy with your partner.

Hi, my Name is Ethan, my partner Claire and I designed Keg of Wisdom to provide entertainment. We do not support excessive alcohol, irresponsible behaviour, drink driving or underage drinking. We ask that you know your limitations and please drink responsibly