The ultimate Deal on Pregame Drinking

Understanding Pre-Gaming and what is all about

So, what exactly is Pre-Gaming. Also, known as pre-loading and pre drinking, prefunking, home Drinking and Prinking!!

Basically, Pre-Gaming is all about getting drunk before you go out. It could be because where you are going has limited alcohol, alcohol is not allowed or its expensive. 70% of college students pre drink and ¾ of Americans

Lots of people believe pre-gaming is the best part of going out.

Why Pre-Game

Some of the top reasons why students and adults pre-game

To have fun – Yes this is the Number 1 reason why people pregame before going out.

To save money – Let’s be honest it’s not exactly cheap to go to your local bar, or nightclub. Whether you are a student or working it’s still expensive to let your hair down. Pre gaming saves you a lot of money.

More confidence before going out – This is more common than you realise. So many people use alcohol as a way to boost they confidence especially meeting new people before they go out.

Calms the nerves – After a long week, everyday challenges. There is nothing like chilling with your friends to settle yourself down

Everyone is doing it – There is a certain amount of peer pressure. Lots of people and students feel it’s the way to fit in

Some of the most popular events that people pre-drink first

  • Friends Night – 67%
  • Sports event – 65%
  • Party in someone’s house – 60%
  • Attending a Concert – 59%
  • Going to dinner with friends – 39%
  • Wedding – 36%
  • A date night – 29%

Pre Drinking tips

Take it slow – Let’s remember, this is not the party … It’s the pre-game. Don’t go all out, pace yourself, save it for later. Its very easy to overdo it and end up ruining your night out.

Get ready and dressed before the pre-drinks – Make sure you are dressed and ready to go out be the pre-game drinks. When it is time to go, it will be straight out that door.

Pre-Game eating – How hungover do you want to be the next day? You need to eat, line your stomach and do whatever you can to avoid the dreaded hangover.

If you are hosting the pre-game, make sure you tell everyone to either eat before they come or bring a plate of food. If you are the ‘host with the most’, then go for it and provide carb loaded nibbles. Do not drink on an empty stomach. You want to eat foods like pasta, subway, pizza

BYO Booze – Usually everyone coming to the pre game will bring their own drinks. If you are the host and you have a theme then you may decide as a group what to bring, especially if you are mixing up the drinks. Nothing like being organised

Drinking Games – Be prepared in advance to play lots of drinking games. They are an absolute pre game favourite. It breaks the ice and gets everyone mixing. Become an expert (if you are not already) on the most popular games. Kings Cup, Quarters, Flip Cup. Choose the games around the number of people at the pre game. If you are a large group, don’t pick games that are only suitable for a few players. Get everyone involved.

Pre-loading music playlist – Be sure you have a pre-game playlist on your phone. Choose songs that are popular and everyone loves and knows. You are looking to get everyone fired up

How long should you pre-game – This is a personal choice and 1 -2 hours can fly by especially if you are playing drinking games. But don’t confuse Pre gaming with a house party… The aim is to relax, have fun and to warm yourselves up ready for the big event !!

How to avoid trashing the house before going out – If you are the host, the last thing you want to come home to is a house full of dirty cup, plates, empty bottles. There is an easy solution. Have lots of trash bags ready. Use plastic everything and through them straight into the bin. It will just take 5 minutes before you leave to throw all the rubbish away. If will make all the difference the next day especially if you are nursing a hangover.

 How to Pre Game on a budget

One of the main reasons for pre-drinking is to save money. This goes for the pre-game supplies as well. Here are a few suggestions of how to keep the costs down

  • Brew your own beer – Why not have a go and brew your own, if you haven’t already. For sure you will be hooked when you start.
  • Everyone to bring their own drinks, food, plastic plate and cups. That is best way to keep everyone happy and the cost as low as possible
  • There are lots of ‘cheap booze’ options available in the supermarket. Look out for own brands and special offers

PreGame Drink ideas

Beer ideas

Beer has to be the number 1 drink at any pregame. Just to mix it up a bit here are a few beer recipes for you play around with.

Beer Topper

  • 1 pint of beer
  • 2oz 7 – Up soda

 Mountain Dew

  • ½ pint of bee
  • ½ can 7 – Up
  • 1oz Midori

Dr. Pepper

  • ½ pint beer
  • ½ pint coco Cola
  • 10z Amaretto Almond Liqueur

Wife Beater

  • 1 can of beer
  • 1 shot Tequila
  • 1 shot whiskey
  • 1 shot vodka

Dark Side of the Moon

  • Half pint Guinness
  • Half Blue Moon


  • 1/2 pint of cider
  • 1/2 pint of lager
  • A splash of blackcurrant cordial

Mix equal amounts of cider and lager into a large (pint size) glass and add with a drop of blackcurrant squash.

Sometimes pre-gaming the best part of the night

Let’s be honest, there are times when the pre game is so much more fun the final event…

  • It’s the part of the night you actually remember.
  • You start to chill out and relax.
  • It’s so much cheaper!
  • Full of excitement for night ahead
  • You get to drink for favourite alcohol
  • You really catch up with your mates
  • You can dance and let your hair down
  • You can start the night with some great drinking games