Who Wants to Play Up Jenkins Coin Drinking Game?

Learning to play this Coin Drinking Game was so much fun and I highly recommend you give it a go if you haven’t already

The basics of playing Up Jenkins Drinking Game. This is a Coin Drinking Team Game, where the aim is to hide a coin in the palm of your hand and conceal it from the other team. The opposing team then guesses who is holding the quarter while you show an innocent looking face. It’s a lot of fun.

The game is also known by a few other names:

  • “Up Chicken”
  • Hands up, Hands Down”

What you need

  • 2 Teams of 2-4 people
  • Table
  • 1 Quarter
  • Drinks

Set up

  • Choose a caption from each team
  • Divide into 2 teams of 2 -4 players
  • Each team to sit on opposite ends of the table
  • Remove: Watches rules, bracelets

Playing Time

  • 10 -20 minutes

Skill Requirements

  • Straight or poker face
  • Strong yelling voice!
  • Luck in guessing

Duties of the Captain

  • Start the game
  • Yelling out the commands

Here’s how to play

  • All players on the team to put their hands under the table
  • The nominated captain starts the game by taking a coin in his hand
  • Without the other team seeing, the caption will pass the coin (under the table) to the next player.
  • The coin gets past back and fore between players until
  • Finally, the coin will end up in the hand of anyone of the players

Note: – Good idea is to set a 10 -20 second rule of passing the coin between the players.

  • After 10 seconds – The caption of the opposite team then shouts out “Up Jenkins”
  • The team with the coin then all put their elbows onto the table and raise their hands (in a fist)
  • The caption of the opposite team then shouts out “Down Jenkins”
  • Now the team with the hidden coin, slams their hands down on the table – trying their best to hide the noise from the coin. Also trying to all put their hands down at the same time

Guessing Stage

  • Now it’s the turn of the opposing team to guess who has the coin
  • Decide between you who you think has the coin
  • When a decision has been made, the caption taps the hand of the player

Drinking Rules – these rules vary. Free to add and change the rules around to suit your game

  • First Guess – If the opposing teams guesses correctly – the whole of the coin team drinks 5 sips each
  • Second Guess – If the opposing teams guesses correctly – the person with the coin drinks the whole drink
  • If the opposing team doesn’t guess correctly after to tries, ever team member to drink finish their drink.

If you are a fan of ‘The Office’ (An American sitcom from 2005.)  Up Jenkins was played at ‘Poor Richards Pub’ in Season 3 and  18th episode called “Cocktails”.

And again, in Season 1 episode 7 of the “Newsroom” drama series in 2012

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